7 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs a Great Social Media Campaign


Imagine standing on a mountaintop and yelling “I like cats” out into the void. A slow rumble begins to form and before you know it, a deafening amount of echoes -“I like cats too”, “Cats suck”, and other cacophonies that cannot be discerned are flung back at you. This is what being on social media feels like. The social networking void has an overwhelming amount of noise and it can be quite the challenge to stand out in the midst of it all. This medium is a very powerful tool that can be used to influence opinions, initiate change and communicate among other things and has proven to be an invaluable asset to a marketer. A substantial amount of time, effort and energy goes into crafting a great social media campaign and standing out in the void can prove to be very fruitful for a brand. Here’s why-

  1. Relationship building

Social media is essentially a communication channel. It is crucial to listen to the consumer- what they’re saying, what they’re doing, their wants and needs, and respond effectively. At the end of the day, it is about forming a relationship with the them and any interaction on social media has the potential to enrich the bond between a brand and a consumer. These interactions humanize the brand, increasing the scope to make a positive impression, making the consumer likely think of the brand when the need for it arises.

For instance, the #LikeAGirl campaign by Whisper captured how people of different ages interpret the phrase “like a girl”. A social experiment, it brought to light the negative connotations attached to the phrase. The campaign aimed to spread the message of empowerment and change the perception of what ‘like a girl’ means.

The video raked in more than 85 million views globally from 150+ countries and prior to the film, only 19% of people from the age group of 16-24 had a positive association towards the phrase and the numbers shifted to a staggering 76% after film. Moreover, two out of three men who watched the video said they would think twice before using the phrase as an insult. The campaign encouraged change and provided food for thought, spreading a valuable and empowering message in the process.

  1. Customer insights

Through social media marketing, one can learn a lot about what customers are thinking about a brand through various social media channels via social listening. A consumer’s reaction to a social media campaign can provide valuable information about the consumer’s interests, behaviour, differentiating between popular versus unpopular content. This insight can help in the collaboration of an effective strategy to help achieve greater revenue.


  1. Higher conversion rates

A great social media marketing campaign can help drive traffic to the brand’s website as it reaches existing customers, potential customers and new customers. Every interaction a brand makes on social media has the opportunity for a site visit, which could lead to conversion. The more social media channels the brand is active on, the more roads it paves to the brand’s websites, gaining more opportunity for conversion.


Brown Apron , an online meat store introduced the Meatstakes campaign in December. A campaign/contest that promoted sales on their website, people who liked their Facebook page stood a chance to win a certain sum of money if they shopped on Brown Apron that day, through the daily lucky draw. If the person selected did not shop on the site that day, the money would be carried over to the next day, raising the stakes, quite literally. Their Facebook page likes organically increased fourfold and the campaign boosted the sales on the website by 60-80%. Moreover, new user purchases doubled day-on-day during the duration of the campaign.

  1. Brand awareness

With the advent of technology and social media, our social circles are not limited to the people we interact with on a daily basis. According to Hubspot, 92% of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses. Social media has helped us engage with a much larger network, enabling consumers to express and search for opinions that can shape and influence their perception of a brand. Social media advertising has global reach can help increase a brand’s image and reputation, giving exposure to a potentially larger audience.


  1. Brand loyalty

The marketplace is a very fiercely competitive space, quite a dog-eat-dog world. Competition can creep up with no warning and take over a brand’s market share. Listening to the customer and providing them with unprecedented services plays an integral role in developing a loyal customer base. An effective social media campaign can help motivate consumers to become loyal supporters and according to a report, brands that are active on social media enjoy higher loyalty from customers. Brand loyalists are more likely to engage with posts, drive real engagement and become advocates for the brand.

  1. Informed consumers

The internet has provided the convenience of a gold mine of information at the click of a button. As reported by Smart Insights, 40% of social media users decide what to buy based on what they see on social media- this includes reviews and recommendations. This percentile is only set to grow as consumers are hyper aware and well-read, and use social media to learn about other consumer experiences, information about brands, products and services. This influences the purchasing decisions of a consumer and with a solid social media campaign, it can provide a consumer incentive for buying into the brand.

  1. SEO rankings improve

The more attention a brand’s social media campaign gets, the better the brand will look on search engines. Fresh and unique content can help create a strong foothold on the web and search engines will provide a more noticeable space in search results if they see a brand as a good source of information. An active and strong social media presence increases credibility, legitimacy and is necessary to rank better in keyword searches.

An amazing social media campaign has the power to drive business and alter mindsets if leveraged right. All said and done, it can be noted that various nuances come to play when creating a phenomenal social media campaign.