8 Big Ideas to Make Your Brand’s Marketing Campaign Stand Out

Clutter-breaking, out-of-the-box, breakthrough – these are some of the terms that brand managers, marketing heads and ad agencies throw around when it comes to conceiving a marketing campaign for your brand. But don’t worry if you can’t wrap your head around these terms, they all mean the same thing – telling your unique brand story in a unique manner. Here are 8 ways to make your brand stand out from the clutter.

  1. Guerrilla Marketing

Random public stunts excite people and keep the target audience engaged with the brand at the same time. Guerrilla marketing gives public relations quite a literal sense and builds your brand without hurting its voice. It mostly includes public giveaways and street challenges that test creativity in challenging environments.

Coca-Cola’s agency did this for attention, exponentially expanding their reach with YouTube:

  1. Urban Marketing

Brand alliances are a great way to get people to take notice of your brand by leveraging the goodwill of bigger brands and the conveniences of urban living. Even if it’s a minor tie-up with a public service, it ensure that your brand name is etched in the minds of the consumers. The simplicity of this strategy makes it cost effective and gives you a wider reach.

This alliance with a public cycle provider made Outfront Media eye catchy:

  1.  YouTube, YouTube, YouTube

Written information uses a good 10% of your mind’s retention power but visuals use as much as 65%. YouTube content is a must-have in your digital marketing campaign that gives your brand the attention it craves. A good mix of viral content and influencer content can channel profits straight from your consumer’s heart to you.

Dove created a campaign that reached a large audience:

  1.  Responsive Billboards

Intrigued by technology? AI is unrolling the carpets for the future of marketing, helping you do away with static billboards and posters. Responsive billboards at public spaces analyse people’s responses by capturing their expressions, and then changing the message and the design to keep the audience engaged throughout the interaction.

  1.  Innovative Print

They say pictures speak a 1000 words. So why not use it to your brand’s advantage? A vivid imagination coupled with an engaging visual has the power to grab eyeballs whether it’s printed on newspapers, magazines or posters. No wonder big brands like Adidas use up whole sheets on your newspaper to make a statement.

This was done by an Alzheimer’s awareness group:

  1. Creative Business Cards

With the advent of technology, business cards have almost become obsolete but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with it. What if your card was meant to serve a higher purpose like doubling up as a cheese grater, blade, or even a pop-up story?

Mylene Poission Sommeliere made this creative business card:

  1.  Street Marketing

Have a vandal’s heart and a superpowered right brain? The streets could be your canvas. Paint the world in your brand’s colours and watch as your ambient marketing campaign becomes the hot topic on social media and traditional media. Business giants like McDonald’s use the road as a canvas to portray their products creatively.

Like this pack of fries on the go:

  1. Packvertising

Packaging is the new advertising. Packvertising is the art of creating revolutionary packaging that brings out the unique brand story of your product. The right branding, categorization and the holistic use of these packages help you tell you a story, describe the product, its personality, advantages, ease and all that goes into making it a product that not only satisfies a general utility but also opens doors to conversations at the store or online.

This pasta package started many conversations at the store:


All said and done, these strategies are only as effective as the “big idea” behind them. One of the best ways to find an idea that will get loyal consumers all over your brand, is to buy one. More specifically, from a great creative shop like ours. Nobody does it better.