Domain Authority 101 for Writers 

This goes out to all the writers for the web – have you ever stared blankly at terms like “external linking”, “authoritative websites”, “domain authority” etc? Sounds like a whole lot of jargon you can’t wrap your head around? When writing for the web, there are various aspects that need to be dealt with aside from just creating content and domain authority is one of them. Here is the quick run down of it. Domain Authority is a comparative web metric that determines how well a website will rank on search engines. Higher the score on the scale of 0-100, higher is the ranking in search engines. Meaning more traffic to your site.As a writer, this an important facet to be considered when you curate content for the web because it can make all the difference with respect to the reach and popularity of your content. It simply isn’t enough if you have great, quality content if you don’t strategically use the tools available to help increase traction for your content. Here are some tips for writers to keep in mind to boost a website’s domain authority-

Quality Content

It is fundamental to do your research before you churn out content. Start by surveying what content is prominent about a particular topic and how people are reacting to it. In the process of your research, you will also be able to determine if your audience has questions that existing content doesn’t answer and write relevant, high quality content that will answer their concerns and help fill the gaps that exist. It is your content that will attract visitors, and valuable, unique content will increase your site’s popularity. Giving your unique perspective/opinion about the topic at hand will help differentiate yourself from others in the field. Don’t compromise on content as publishing sloppy, generic and  uninspiring pieces will only harm your site’s ratings. It goes without saying that you need to use SEO tools for your content as this will help build a solid foundation on the road to increase the domain authority of your website. This includes factors like page titles, keyword placements, site structure, navigability, keyword density, etc. These factors constitute the core of building domain authority. Without undertaking all the aspects of SEO, it will be difficult for your website to rank well on search engines.


With content marketing, what you write should have the scope for linkable content. It is a great idea to link other websites if they give additional and relevant information that can benefit the reader. Don’t just link any and every website within your article. It is important to only use high-quality and authoritative links within your content. If you do the contrary and post low-quality links, it will add no value to your content and reduce your rankings on search engines. If your content requires the use of pictures, attach pictures from other relevant and authoritative blogs or websites as linking pictures from other sites with a higher domain authority will help boost your site’s DA.


Internal Linking

Internal linking is crucial to building a higher domain authority as it will help search engines and users easily navigate through your website and help search engine bots find your website’s content and crawl them better. Attaching relevant links from within your domain can help your readers spend more time on the blog and help them engage with your content better, but make sure that the linking is relevant and necessary.

An example of what we’ve been talking about so far is this blog you’re reading. Woah, talk about inception! As you peruse through this blog, you would have come across these blue, underlined words which links you to other websites which provide you with additional and further reading, and this is external linking. You will also notice that one of the links within this blog directs you to other content within our website, which is internal linking.


You need to be patient if you want to see your website climb up the scale. Usually, the older the domain, the higher the domain authority. But this isn’t always the case as outdated SEO techniques, bad link profiles, lack of fresh content won’t help an old domain’s case with DA. While you’re waiting, post quality content regularly as this will aid in boosting the credibility of your website, increase website traffic and extend the amount of quality content you can link to.

Remember, it takes a lot of patience and work to build a site’s domain authority; after all Rome wasn’t built in a day.

About the author

The eternal sales guy, Sathya Kumar is the digital practices head for Origami. Believing that any problem can be solved when the right people get together, he builds cross functional teams with creative, technology and strategy experts.