How to Build an Ecommerce Website?

Whether you have a physical store or want to run an online business portal, or if you are interested in starting a new business from scratch, it’s helpful to know how to build an ecommerce website.

Before you set out to create your own online store, here are two factors to consider:

a. You already know what you want to sell
b. You know what your business is to be called.

If not, check out our guide on ‘How to land on a great brand name’. However, this is something you’ll have to do hand-in-hand: arrive at a brand name and also make sure the domain name for your brand is available.

Choose the right platform

Building an ecommerce website is not for novices. But you don’t need to know how to code or possess the technical knowhow either. It requires you to have the basic knowledge of navigating browsers. The platforms like Shopify, WordPress, Wix are loaded with preset templates. They’re simple and a good choice for beginners. Choose a template, drag and drop features you’d like in your ecommerce website design, customize designs as per your brand. And the bonus, the website is already SEO-friendly!

Create your own online store

If you plan to have only an ecommerce website with a store front, the solutions are slightly different. You’ll be able to build an ecommerce website and integrate payment gateway with Shopify, Squarespace or WordPress. As these sites enable you to buy your domain through the platform, that’s one task crossed off your list.

To build a website with a store front where you can add stuff to the store and then integrate a payment gateway, you have a few options that are readymade:

a. eCommerce website on Shopify

b. eCommerce website on Zepo

The advantages of creating your own online store on these platforms are that their systems are in place. You just need to subscribe to the plans and then within a couple of weeks you can begin using it. They also have some ready-to-use design templates.

The downside to these are, with Shopify, you will still need a development team to get started on some amount of coding. With Zepo, at times their customer support is not very good.

Of the two, Shopify is better.

c. WooCommerce custom site
If you prefer to customize your ecommerce website, WooCommerce should be your choice. It allows your website designs to be custom made to your needs, and also integrate payment gateways. Unlike Shopify and Zepo, WooCommerce charges a one-time fee. You may have to pay for basic maintenance.

Website along with an app

If your online business runs on a website and an app, it gets tricky because the app and the ecommerce website have to synchronize data and orders. This means that when person X orders off the website, and person Y orders off the app, the ordering system sits on the cloud in one place and manages it automatically. Therefore, there is a lot more development work in this.

There are two options here:

a. Off-the-shelf solution
This is developed by mobi commerce

Here are some of their samples

Sample Website:

Sample Mobile Application:

Apart from the one-time fee, you may expect some additional costs. After the project handover, should you need any changes made, an additional fee per hour will be charged.

b. Custom-built eCommerce websites

We design and build customized websites and apps equipped with an online ordering system, order tracking, payment gateways and the works.

Here are few of our happy customers and their websites.
Maverick & Farmer
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