Columbia Sportswear is an American brand that has up to 100 stores all over the world, offering footwear and sportswear suited for a rugged environment, all the while retaining a distinct style. The launching of a new store in UAE came with its own set of challenges. This is where we stepped in.


The primary task was to ensure that the website gets discovered amongst the mammoth of search results. The pages that do reach the audience had to be interactive in guiding the user to the rest of the website. Google being its usual self, had indexed too many unwanted pages, which meant a herculean task of finding the right keywords to achieve top ranking.


Origami thoroughly analysed the website to come up with the most effective SEO practices. This included suggesting landing pages that enable mobility to the rest of the website and creation of sitemaps. Attention was driven towards auditing of social media channels and creating backlinks. The Google Webmaster accounts for the website were constantly monitored to receive feedback on the website’s health. Keyword rich <h> tags and <alt> tags were implemented on the website. A comprehensive weeding out process was conducted where 404 Error pages, duplicate pages, and unwanted pages on the Google index were removed. Origami also suggested key changes in navigation to improve bounce rate and redirect traffic to important web pages.

The re-optimization of the website required constant theme changes in order to assess the strength of the content. Some of the solutions implemented by Origami were the revising of meta description and web tiles on primary landing pages, opening graph integrations to the site, creating a revised theme and content to cross-link updated materials, and cross-referencing the yield of a user’s visit to the site.


All of Origami’s efforts resulted in improved crawl rates, an SEO optimized website, 1.8 % click-through rate from organic searches, top 5 ranking in potential keywords and gaining the top 3 product and category level page in two months.