You’ve a great business idea but you’re struggling to build a brand? Right from defining the strategy to the visual treatment to managing the brand, we handhold brands in translating their business ideas to customer-loving brands. We’re a top branding agency with our strategic outlook, branding and innovative ideas, and bringing brands to life. Over the last twenty years, we have created and built brands that have connected with their audience. Our branding services portfolio includes brand strategy, bra znding design, brand management and more.

Brands are people too

Your brand is not your product, your name, your logo or your website. It’s much more than that.

Our approach to branding is guided by a unique philosophy – “Brands are people too”. Like people, brands too have their strengths and weaknesses, their motivators and deterrents.

At Origami, we are passionate about brands and the immense potential they carry to make a difference in people’s lives. We dig deeper for the ‘juice’ and explore every aspect to help your brand actualise its purpose and potential. We help brands discover their unique personality, visual identity, voice and language to resonate with your consumers.

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Roadmap to brand success – brand strategy

Effective branding needs a strong foundation in its brand strategy. A blueprint for specific, short-term and long-term goals for your brand as it evolves. By combining unique characteristics of your brand that connects with the consumer, we chart out a robust strategy for greater visibility and recognition of your brand in the competitive environment.

A brand strategy is strongly rooted in your business – your consumers, their needs, competitive environments, your purpose and what you’re set out to achieve. As a branding agency, we take a three-pronged approach while exploring and defining your brand, your customer, and your competition to map the path for your brand’s success.

Greater than profit – Brand Purpose

Studies show that consumers love brands that share the same values as the brand does. A brand’s purpose is the reason for its existence. Purpose guides the decisions, inspires behaviour, shapes goals, offers a clear sense of direction, and creates meaning. Purpose-centric brands earn greater trust of consumers and stand the chance to stay relevant in the long run.

Brand Positioning

In a sea of me-too brands and short attention spans, it’s critical for brands to stand for something unique to win the attention and hearts of their customers. Our branding experts at Origami help brands create a niche for themselves in the oversaturated market and thus own space in the consumers’ mind.

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Branding Design

From idea to unforgettable brand – branding design, the face of a brand.

A brand’s identity comes to life visually with branding design. Your brand’s visual identity is not limited to a logo. Branding design goes beyond that in achieving a consistent visual language across all forms of communication – ATL, BTL and digital so that your customer is able to recognise your brand through its design.

If you’re considering to hire an advertising agency to create a stunning visual brand identity, then Origami is your choice. We understand the science and art behind creating a unique and memorable visual language. From logos to packaging to communication – we collaborate with you and work to find the right visual expression that truly represents your brand.

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Brand Management  

Brands and reputations are not built overnight.

Building brand awareness, a positive perception of your brand in the consumer’s minds and managing reputation results in brands enjoying business equity and the loyalty of their consumers.

As your branding agency, we are equipped to manage brands so that you focus on your core operations and growing your business. We create brand assets to communicate value to your audience and handhold brands in building loyal relationships with your customers, fans and followers. Our brand management services portfolio includes market research, establishing the EVP, managing marketing programs and measuring brand performance.

Market research – We gather and interpret key information about your consumers and competition, perceptions about your brand that go into building your brand’s identity, image and in communicating value to your consumers.

EVP – At the heart of every brand are its people. An Employee Value Proposition defines the essence of your company – how it is unique and what it stands for. A well-defined EVP of your brand is the pathway to attract, engage and retain talent best suited to achieve your brand’s goals.

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