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Your search for a digital marketing agency ends here. Grow your business at an exponential rate with a holistic approach to digital marketing. Origami provides you with 360◦ digital marketing services that include SEO services, content creation, marketing campaigns and more.

Every business is unique and has great value to offer. Origami focuses on finding your story and understanding your customer. We amplify your digital presence with user-centric creative content and experiences, focus on strengthening customer loyalty online, and create a roadmap for your brand’s digital growth.

Our passion lies in crafting engaging, user-centric stories and experiences on digital platforms. We keep ROI at the heart of our storytelling and create experiences across websites, e-commerce platforms, mobile apps and on social media.

With our combined capabilities of marketing experience and digital expertise, you’ll be choosing a top digital marketing agency to give you high returns on investment and an incredible impact.

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Digital marketing is not an add-on to your marketing efforts but essential to business performance.

Growing internet access and affordable data plans have changed the way people consume content, shop and buy. Digital marketing offers your business endless possibilities to reach a wider audience and create strong visibility for your brand.

Our digital marketing strategies are rooted in a deep understanding of your business, your business objectives and the audience persona. Based on the goals you wish to achieve, our experts devise the most appropriate strategy – SEO, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, or affiliate marketing – to get you the desired response and an optimum return on investment.

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Our strategic marketing efforts and deep consumer insights meet your business objectives to drive returns on your investment. Create campaigns with us that engage customers, increase traffic and result in conversions and increase revenue for the business.

In our years as a top digital marketing company, we find direction in strategy and expression in creativity; a combined effort to tell stories that stick and find your place in the minds and hearts of your audience.

Whether it’s a short term objective you’re trying to achieve, or a long-term goal you’re carefully building – marketing campaigns are tried and tested ways to achieve your business goals and find success.

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“Content isn’t king. It’s the kingdom.” – Lee Odden

Content has been touted king for years and for a reason. At the heart of every storytelling is the consumer, and content is the best way to touch their hearts.

Great content stems from a deep understanding of the needs, wants and lives of your consumer. It breaks the barriers of conventional advertising and reaches their phone screens. Content is the relationship thread with your consumer that begins with a great idea followed by flawless execution to keep your consumer coming back for more.

Content plays a big role in your digital marketing strategies – engages with your audience, builds sustaining relationships and boosts sales.

We approach content creation with great attention to detail. For starters, we deep dive into the consumer persona and themes and ideas that appeal to them. We offer inbound and outbound content marketing strategies including email marketing, videos, blogs, case studies, whitepapers, and the most sought-after influencer marketing. And of course, viral content that can break the internet. Ask Kim Kardashian.

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Like you found us, get found by your customer with relevant keyword searches on Google. SEO or search engine optimization is the process of proving to Google that your page is the most relevant result for a particular search word. Rank higher on Google search with backlinks, adwords and content optimized with keywords relevant to your business. Investing in SEO is one of the best things you can do to increase the visibility of your business and generate leads.

SEO improves your website’s overall searchability, visibility, and reach. But it is also so much more. It is a direct intervention in the journey of the buyer, and we make sure that it is a positive one.

By choosing the right keywords that humans search for, Google’s search engine lets your name rank higher. In the process, you also understand the needs of your audience through their search words, and build trust and credibility with your high search ranking.

Over twenty years, we have mastered the art of seeing the world through the customer’s eyes. We are a top digital marketing company with a sharp focus on consumer insight, together creating SEO strategies that win you visibility with your core audience and focused leads to your page.

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