Why Digital Marketing?

If someone told Don Draper that the next big thing in advertising is Digital, he probably would have laughed and gone back to his old-fashioned. And here we are, fighting for those views, likes, clicks and loves. Digital Marketing has for sure changed the way ad gurus and marketers look at things. The restrictions of the print media to the content, the lifetime of the ads, the limited reach, the shortcomings in reaching the TG, well, all gone. The transition from the print ads to social media posts has given birth to a whole new dimension to marketing and advertising. However, with the trends in digital marketing changing every minute, it is important to stay updated and mostly FAST to stay in the game.

With the inception of digital marketing there is a shift in focus from mere product sale, branding or promotion to include and prioritize customer relationship. The art of staying connected with the audience who live in a world dominated by technology can be harnessed by the smart use of digital platforms.

Devices like smart phones and notebooks have made internet available just a click away. At the same time, the race to reach the eyes and ears of your customers amongst the million other brands trying to convey million different things is not an easy one to win.

The advent of Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram saw the birth of a new era of digital marketing. These platforms that were meant for socializing and making friends across the globe began to give way for brands to reach out to their customers.  People are on social media platforms round the clock. This obviously makes it marketers favourite when it comes to reaching out to the target group and also an easy way to communicate across to them during anytime of the day or anywhere on the planet. With new data and analytics coming up every minute, reaching the target group is getting easier every day.

So, why do digital marketing? Well, it is better to be the next than look out for what’s next.