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About Us

A Digital Lighthouse

People don’t love businesses, they love brands. That’s why it’s important to build relationships with customers online. Now you might think how is my app supposed to do that?

The simple answer is – giving value to them at every touchpoint, by building trust, and a kickass rootable story. Now before you ask us another how question, here’s where we come in.

Origami Creative Canada is a Holistic Digital Marketing enterprise. We believe that marketing online is the sum of many parts, and we understand the role each of these parts play in the larger marketing success.

That’s why we touch every cog in the wheel, to keep you moving forward in your digital journey. We’re big on road trips. Everything we do, we do in full collaboration with you. Helping you stay wildly relevant along the way. And your destination? You tell us!

Promise we’ll arrive there in style.